Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1. Prologue

“My intention is to tell of bodies changed”
(Metamorphoses, Ovid, Rolfe Humphries translation)

O sweet muse!
Call God,
Call Mother Nature!
Call Father Time!
Help me create a great historical epic.
Help me page through millions and billions of years of history.
I intend to tell what happened at the crucible of the Big Bang,
Show life as it was when the oceans simmered,
Show the first colonizers,
Show the rise and fall of the saurian empire,
Show the mammalian empire,
And the evolution of man.
My muse
Show me what became of man
After his journey out of the wilderness
Tell me how he made his great empires
How he shaped the world
My muse!
I invoke these names and ask that you protect me through the ages
As you reveal these mysteries to me.

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