Wednesday, January 18, 2012

11. Eukaryotes

One day a little prokaryote had an idea.
It went up to a bigger one and made a deal.
“I give you energy.”
“I give you protection.”
“I help you with your life.”
“You give me food.”
“You protect me.”
“You help me with my life.”
The bigger one agreed.
The small one and the big one joined forces.
Soon others came.
No longer will the bigger one have to be alone.
No longer will the smaller ones be vulnerable.
The bigger one tucked in its information,
The others protected it,
Gave it energy,
Helped it live.
A home was built.
This idea caught on.
New deals were struck.
Why stand alone against our enemies?
This was where the split began.
A schism happened.
All became more distinct.

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