Friday, January 13, 2012

7. The Moon

As the master smiled and admired his work
The sun burst in and made a new demand.
“Make the gem a double,” she said.
“I want a beautiful pearl to go with my blue marble.”
“It must shine when I look at it.”
“It must hide my face when I want to show off my vibrant crown.”
“It has to be something that everyone will be talking about for ages.”
“Something that will be looked at for millennia.”
“Something they will do anything to get.”
“I want them to reach for my pearl because it’s hard”
“Not because it’s easy.”
“So that when they do reach out to grab it”
“They can stand up and triumphantly say they did it.”
“I’d like a few for the other gems too.”
At the sun’s demands a look of anger crossed the forge master’s face.
He took a Mars and hurled it with all his might.
The Mars flew toward the gem.
The two molten planets collided.
A great splash of hot, liquid metal came forth.
That last hammering made the gem smaller
The molten metals flowed out and slowly clumped together
An even smaller gem was formed.
The forge master smiled at how things turned out.
His gem continued to cool as it hardened.
The larger planet slowly cooled as well.
He made sure to skillfully hammer each piece.
Black patches of rock came back to the surface.
The gem was formed but not complete.
It needed color.

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