Sunday, January 29, 2012

23. The Cretaceous: The Great Decline

Go forth!
The wise one said.
The continents split
So did the many body types.
The world continued to be a great garden.
A hot paradise
Filled with lush, green forests.
Ferns grew wild and trees towered high.
New changes came to the Edenic world.
Plants flaunted their youth
For bees and buzzing insects
To polinize and reproduce
Forests and bare earth
Gave way to fields of grass
Where Ankylosaurs and Triceratops
Grazed peacefully.
As the Ceolophysis prophecy foretold.
His tyrant descendant,
King Rex,
Lorded over the land.
Threatening the weakest of animals
With saw-like teeth.
The dinosaurs thought their reign would never end.
They became greedy with their size.
They felt invincible.
They continued to grow
Until their necks reached over the forest canopy.
Rodents and smaller lizards scurried around under their feet.
Even their cousins, the birds had to live in the shadows of the great ones.
Eventually, hubris caught up with them.

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