Wednesday, January 25, 2012

18. Fish

A new, bigger revolution was brewing.
Under the tempestuous ocean
The little squirts were evolving too.
They evolved fins and tails
Eventually eyes.
They became fish.
But they needed something new.
Something more.
They looked to their designers for something.
They set to work.
They looked at themselves
Found that something was missing.
They took their gills and modified them.
Then they filled them with teeth
The jaw was invented.
With their jaws
They moved up the natural ladder.
They were no longer the slow bottom feeders
Sucking things up from the mud.
They could go out and take charge of their destiny.
They were hydro-dynamically sound
Sports cars of the marine world.
Instead of shells and exoskeletons,
Which would only hold them back,
They had bones and armor.
Fish dominated in the Devonian and Silurian.
Fighting their way like soldiers
Moving up the ranks to become top predators.
The terror of the deep.
The first Jaws
The Tyrannosaurus of the fish world.
Terrorized the sharks.
He became too powerful for his own good.
He would never lead the new invasion,
But he helped the real invaders,
Chased by the likes of Dunkleosteus
The lobe-fins needed a new place to live.
They were tired of being terrorized by the bigger fish.
So they planned to take the land

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