Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Crisis in the Ukraine

After the world warmed
After Soviets faded into history
The Great White Bear of the North
Settled to her slumber.
The cubs left the den
Only one cub looked back.
Torn between its mother and new friends in the West
It growled and whimpered.
A Victor perched upon its head
Through deceitful means
Sparking the revolution of Orange.
When things settled the Victor urged the bear on.
“Go back,” the Victor said, “Mother’s calling.”
“Go back,” The Victor’s friends told him.
“Father Vlad is waiting.”
A Maidan sang her great distaste for the mother bear
Pulling the young cub Westward.
“We must move forward,” she said.
“To the West.”
The Victor did not like this.
Gathering the Easterners of the mother tongue
They pulled the cub by the fur
While the Maidan kicked and screamed
Into civil unrest
She occupied buildings
She rioted
She called for the Victor’s resignation.
When the Victor lost control
He fell from his lofty perch.
Hearing commotions next door
Mother Bear awoke.
She saw her cub being pulled East and West
Then she took away a toe
Then old Vlad sent her to cross her son's borders

To help the Victor’s side.

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