Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Superstorm Sandy

Over warm Caribbean Shallows
A hot breeze lifts skyward.
Taking the ocean’s breath
Depositing it into ever expanding mountainous clouds.
Expanding across the sea.
The wind begins to blow.
Rain falls
The beast begins to turn.
An eye opens
The beast awakens.
Pushing northward
Riding the winds
Ever strengthening
Ever expanding in the early Autumn air.
It eats another beast
Rolling from the west.
Atmospheric steering systems fail to turn the beast away.
Becoming one
They bring their wrath to eastern shores.
Snow inland
Waves and walls of water
Drive up the shores
Taking away the people’s power
Wreaking pain and destruction
Over the never sleeping cities.
Lives were lost
Heroes born

Things will never be the same.

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