Monday, June 22, 2015

The Social Crusades

For generations
They marched in the streets.
They cried black ink onto their pages.
Calling for change,
Calling for equality,
Washing away injustice with their inky black tears.
For too long they fought.
The salt from their sweat and blood ran from their brow
A testament to the old generation’s hard work.
They fought hard
Protecting the crusader castle of liberty from the monsters and dragons.
Like the warriors of old they lost their way.
Their black tears became more and more brackish.
Salt encrusted their ducts
No longer crying tears

Their spit became poisonous
With the fiery, mad rhetoric of the internet
They forged their pseudo intellectual weapons
Becoming the enemies their forefathers fought so hard against.
With dragon’s blood soiling their bodies from the past wars
They rose up as berserkers and amazons
In the senseless culture wars.
What once were tears of pain
What once were tears of agony
What once were tears of empathy, sympathy and triumph
Became acid and vitriol
Spat at passerby.
Donning their armor of hypocrisy,
Armed with spears of falsehoods and half-truths
Hiding behind shields of victimhood
They stormed the castle they once protected.
Gamers built their gates and the puppies cried.
Berserkers and amazons rallied the social justice troops
Who, in turn, rallied their white knights.
Then turned journalism yellow with propaganda
Hiding the truth of the other side.
Those that tired of being spoken for
Threw down their weapons
Rejected their shields
To turn against them
Defending the gates instead.

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