Saturday, June 27, 2015

Injustice and Upheaval

A man was shot
Opening old racial wounds.
Vultures circled
Around the still drying blood.
Setting the internet ablaze
With their preaching agendas
Driving the media into a frenzy.
Like magma bursting to the surface
Anger flowed.
Anger for injustices
Brought on by the overzealous police.
Black lives matter
Raise your arms
Don’t shoot
As outrage yelled and looted
A church burned
Under the unrelenting mob.
A few tried to calm the flames
They tried to be the quenching rain
To quell the fiery anger.
An old soldier stood on the front lines
Speaking reasonably
Telling them to go home.
Saying it isn’t worth the anger
Mothers grabbed their children
Curfews were placed
At first there was little effect
Slowly it began to build.
Cooler voices grew louder
The fires died
Cooling the outrage

Into peaceful protest.

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