Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A New Social Milestone

A sigh of relief from some.
A time of rejoicing for others.
The rainbow people finally get their unions
Love is flowing now to more people than ever
New love
Old love
Love for all ages.
Rainbow love.
The Great White Court handed down the decree
That the people of the rainbow flag
Get to show their love legally.
For a time they were allowed to date
But now, together and forever they can decide their fate.
Forget the rants
Forget fiery mad rhetoric
Forget the fire and brimstone preachers
Who moan and whine
Who scream and yell
From their burning pulpits in the front of the room
Because love is a beautiful thing
No matter who shows it,
No matter who knows it,
No matter where it comes from,
No matter how you receive it,
Let this love of one another forever ring.

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