Sunday, July 17, 2016

Offer Announcement

Hello folks. Just going to do a little announcement.

If you don't follow my Twitter account or you don't check out my author page at Smashwords or anything like that you might not know about an offer going on for the entire month of July. You or anyone you talk to who is interested can get my e-book for free. Just use the code SFREE at the checkout when visiting Smashwords. Again this offer is only good until July 31.

You're probably why it took so long to notify people about this offer. Partly its because I've been busy working on other things. Also partly because I'm a bit lazy when promoting my work. That's really it. Either way, you still have time to take advantage of this offer. If you like history and poetry and want to see all the poems featured on this blog in the right order totally check out the offer. You still have plenty of time.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Gaiad has been Published!


Dear readers, It finally happened. You can now read all of the poems featured on this blog in the right order. All you ave to do is purchase my book at your favorite ebook retailer. Also be sure to favorite my author page at For future reference I'll place the link to the author page up along with the link to my Twitter page. Any support is appreciated.

As for other stuff. I know the little thing at the top of the blog page says up until the time of publication and everything. However, I don't think I'm going to en this blog just yet. I might decide to add a new series of poems at some point so this is definitely not the end.

For my followers, thank you for your support. To those repeat visitors, thank you for your time. To new visitors, hope you come back again. To all of you, it was a pleasure writing these poems. Hope you'll consider further support.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Deepwater Horizon

On the horizon the monster loomed
Tasting the sweet black gold.
A gasket broke
Before the monster finished
Causing it to lose its lunch
It tried to recover
But did a poor job.
Corners were cut to save money and time.
Oil and gas leaked from the borehole
The monster’s food came up along with gas and cement
Catching fire
Sending the beast to its watery grave
Black blobs of thick sludge
Spewed into the open gulf
Killing fish
Killing birds
Contaminating land and sea
Wreaking havoc on economies and ecosystems

For generations to come.

Monday, July 6, 2015

NSA Leaks

“Big Brother’s watching.”
The tinfoil man kept saying
“Beware of Big Brother.”
“Be careful of hat you say,”
“Be careful of what you do”
“Because he is watching”
“In each and every way.”
The Snowy man confirmed this
Through his five wise eyes
He published his reports
On the secrets of NSA.
The media
Ate the info up
Digested it
Spewed it over the public
Revealing cable treaties
All around the world.
“Don’t be silly,”
The boundary breaker said.
“There’s no such program.”
The Snowy man left for the Bear

Under espionage charges and theft accusations.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pope Francis

A humble man from the City of Good Air
Lead his flock during the riots of December.
The second John Paul replaced his vestments with red.
When the Cooperator of Truth resigned
He was chosen to wear the Papal mitre.
Being the humble man
Being the man of God
Being a servant to the people
He rejected the palace of apostles
To live as a guest of God.
He rejected well embroidered vestments and robes
For simple attire.
He rejected the gold
For a fisher’s ring
To become the fisher of men
Preaching peace and love.
Neither Marxist
Nor Capitalist
He redirected his church
With the shepheard’s crook

Bringing the lamb to focus on deeper issues.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A New Social Milestone

A sigh of relief from some.
A time of rejoicing for others.
The rainbow people finally get their unions
Love is flowing now to more people than ever
New love
Old love
Love for all ages.
Rainbow love.
The Great White Court handed down the decree
That the people of the rainbow flag
Get to show their love legally.
For a time they were allowed to date
But now, together and forever they can decide their fate.
Forget the rants
Forget fiery mad rhetoric
Forget the fire and brimstone preachers
Who moan and whine
Who scream and yell
From their burning pulpits in the front of the room
Because love is a beautiful thing
No matter who shows it,
No matter who knows it,
No matter where it comes from,
No matter how you receive it,
Let this love of one another forever ring.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Crisis in the Ukraine

After the world warmed
After Soviets faded into history
The Great White Bear of the North
Settled to her slumber.
The cubs left the den
Only one cub looked back.
Torn between its mother and new friends in the West
It growled and whimpered.
A Victor perched upon its head
Through deceitful means
Sparking the revolution of Orange.
When things settled the Victor urged the bear on.
“Go back,” the Victor said, “Mother’s calling.”
“Go back,” The Victor’s friends told him.
“Father Vlad is waiting.”
A Maidan sang her great distaste for the mother bear
Pulling the young cub Westward.
“We must move forward,” she said.
“To the West.”
The Victor did not like this.
Gathering the Easterners of the mother tongue
They pulled the cub by the fur
While the Maidan kicked and screamed
Into civil unrest
She occupied buildings
She rioted
She called for the Victor’s resignation.
When the Victor lost control
He fell from his lofty perch.
Hearing commotions next door
Mother Bear awoke.
She saw her cub being pulled East and West
Then she took away a toe
Then old Vlad sent her to cross her son's borders

To help the Victor’s side.